Army Office of Small Business Programs
  • Mission
    • Advise the Secretary of the Army and the Army leadership on small business-related matters.
    • Maximize opportunities for innovative initiatives that contribute to expanding the small business industrial base relevant to the Army mission priorities.
    • Leverage Small Businesses to ensure expansion and/or sustainment of the industrial base and provide opportunities to obtain innovative technologies, supplies and services for our soldiers.
  • Vision

    To be the premier advocacy organization committed to maximizing Small Business utilization in support of the Army.


    We support the Army’s ability to build readiness for high-intensity conflict; modernize our doctrine, equipment, and formations; and reform the Army to maximize our time, money and manpower. Our focus is on not only on helping to enhance the industrial base but also taking care of our people, live the Army Values, and strengthen our alliances and partnerships to sustain long-term success in wartime and peace to ensure our Army remains the most lethal ground combat force in history, capable of dominating any adversary on any battlefield.